Hans Herzog Wine

Hans & Therese Herzog are the stewards of this artisan wine estate acclaimed throughout the world for growing handcrafted wines from their exceptional ‘Grand Cru-like’ organic vineyard. The unique terroir and a ‘hands on’ approach with almost uneconomically low yields sets the bar for outstanding wines rich in varietal character. Hans’ winemaking is traditional, non-interventional and purely natural - letting the grapes work their magic.

Hans is fanatical about quality. With each wine he strives for perfection to fully express the varietal characteristics. Not someone who talks much, he has the firm believe that his wines speak for themselves. Indeed, they made their stance as some of New Zealand’s finest wines and stand proudly in line with the best of the old world.

The famed wines have stolen the hearts of wine lovers all over the world. An amazing collection of rare grape varieties handcrafted in some of New Zealand finest wines. 

Hans' Connoisseur Club

We would like to extend a personal invitation to you to join our Hans’ Connoisseurs Club – a means of bringing wine aficionados together and a way to thank you for supporting us throughout the year.

We do love the finer things in life and are happy to share it with you. The appreciation of fine wine, fresh food and art is a core part of our life’s philosophy and our estate with Winery, Gourmet Restaurant, Bistro and beautiful gardens, homage to all three.

Hans sees himself as a Vigneron rather than a winemaker, knowing that it’s the hard yards and extremely low yields from exceptionally concentrated fruit which make some of New Zealand’s greatest wines. But as important, like you, Hans is a passionate wine enthusiast, collecting the finest wines around the world and setting the highest standards when it comes to his own wines. Quiet, modest and unfettered by commercial considerations, he has adopted an experimentalist stance, cultivating an eclectic array of grape varieties, all of them highly acclaimed wines rich in varietal character showing off our covetous terroir.

Like most acclaimed wineries, we do not enter our wines into wine shows or competitions. Our wines have found their way to ‘glory’ without the help of marketing but stolen the hearts of wine lovers all over the world purely for their outstanding quality. The classy understated label bears our name and family crest as creators of the wine and no award stickers will ever distract from its fine content! Our wines speak for themselves and their true ‘judges’ are you, our connoisseurs.

For the love of wine, Therese & Hans Herzog


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"The superlative wines need little introduction."
- Gourmet Traveller