Nebbiolo 2013

Nebbiolo 2013

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The wine that dreams are made of must have been a Nebbiolo. A gorgeous wine balanced and poised with heady aromas of violet, rose, ripe red berry and spices. On the smooth, juicy palate, polished tannins support succulent red cherry, raspberry compote, liquorice and wild herbs. It’s already delicious and accessible but will age like your best Barolo or Barbaresco.

Vintage 2013+

Nebbiolo, the noble heritage grape from the famous Piedmont region (Barolo, Barbaresco) in Northern Italy is exceptionally finicky about where it will thrive and ripen best. Extremely fussy with irregular fruiting it is always the first variety to bud and the last to ripen. Since 1997 we select buds from the healthiest and strongest Nebbiolo vines with good fruit maturity to graft them to other healthy vines (sacrificing vines from another grape variety) to the perfect plot in our vineyard. From the warm, sandy, gravely soils mixed with fine particles of silt and clay grows a wine that stands up to the great Barbaresco or Barolo. The 2013 is another vintage with no cost spared to produce this stately wine from handpicked grapes at a miniscule yield of 500g per vines.

Hans' Winemaking Comments+

'After a long cold soak to extract the beneficial compounds from skin and seeds I let the grapes go through a natural fermentation for a few weeks. An additional maceration period after fermentation extracted the now soft and sweet tannins helping to prepare the young wine for a long and healthy live. After gentle pressing the Nebbiolo matured for 30 month in a new French oak puncheon (500 litre). With more than two years of additional bottle ageing at perfect temperature in our barrel hall this equals to a ‘Riserva’ quality (total of 5 years of ageing). No fining. No filtration. Purely natural.'

Tasting Notes+

Tasting Nebbiolo is quite an arresting experience because the floral and light red fruit aromas suggest a wine much lighter than it is. Tasting blind it is easy mistaken for a great Grand Cru Burgundy with its firm grip from the pronounced acidity but ethereal structure. The silky, soft texture almost feels like a spirit of a wine gliding over your palate. A truly regal wine - pure, elegant and perfectly balanced that will last forever if you have the heart to keep it aside.

Technical Data +
Variety 100% Nebbiolo
Rootstock Riparia Gloire
Vine Planted 1997
Soil Shallow (<45cm) well drained, developed from stony alluvium. sand and gravel.
Planting Density 5,500 vine/ha
Yield <3t/ha
Alcohol 14% vol
Residual Sugar <1g/L
Ageing Potential 15+ years 
Bottles Produced 588
Food Matching Suggestions+

A perfect match with rich pasta dishes, beef or game.