Behind Winery Doors

Herzog Over a Decade Tasting

Experience the journey of a wine like never before...

A rare opportunity to go behind the scenes in our Barrel Hall and Aging Cellar. Wines in our barrels are usually closely guarded treasures, never to be seen by anyone else other than Hans. However, for the first time, we have unveiled our vertical tasting flight. Spanning a decade of unpredictable weather patterns, painstaking vineyard cultivation and cellaring. Experience for yourself elegant library wines, exemplary current vintages, and exuberant young wines still in the barrel. Taste the journey of the wine throughout the years as it gracefully ages into the complex and refined Herzog ‘grands vins’ that we all love and admire.

Learn the story of our wine and winery throughout the vintages. Experience first-hand how wine within the bottle is the essence of our stunning terroir and Hans’ unwavering dedication to crafting fine wine. Like kneading fresh sourdough and eating it straight out of the oven, tasting a wine throughout the years is tasting the magic of hand-crafting fine wines. 

Tasting experience includes

  • Library Vintage 
  • Current Cellar Door Vintage 
  • Barrel Sample (Not yet to be bottled!) 
  • The bottle of Library Vintage is yours to cherish after the tasting. It will be complimentarily closed with argon to be enjoyed even after a few days. 
  • Hayley’s Wine Corker  (RRP $12.00)
  • Herzog Corkscrew (RRP $24.00)

In our Barrel Hall, our premium wines all follow a strict ageing plan so their complex flavour profiles are brought out. Humidity, light, temperature and oxygen exposure are strictly controlled. 

By appointment, please inquire by email or telephone

Minimum 2 guests
please allow a minimum of 45 minutes to enjoy your experience

Prices for two: Starting from $217