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Arneis 2018

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Arneis, the prized white grape of Piedmont, celebrated alongside Barolo and Barbaresco, is a sensory delight. Its pear-infused palate, creamy texture, and rich concentration provide a luscious experience. A refined acidity adds an uplifting touch to the finish.

Vintage 2018+

Arneis, the renowned white grape of Piedmont in North-West Italy, hails its fame from the illustrious Barolo and Barbaresco (Nebbiolo). Its truest expression thrives in the Roero region, nestled on the left bank of the Tanaro River, where gravel and sand-rich soils bestow flavourful wines with profound minerality. Our Arneis, sharing these very soils alongside the Wairau River, is meticulously handpicked at low yields (less than 1kg/vine) to enhance complexity and flavour. The idyllic warmth of the 2018 summer, coupled with our dedication to low yields, birthed flawless, aromatic berries, ripened to perfection. A true testament to Arneis's global allure.

Hans' Winemaking Comments+

I employed a brief cold soak (cold maceration) to ensure the fullest extraction of the skin's essence before allowing the must to undergo its spontaneous (wild yeast) fermentation. Throughout the process, I carefully stirred the fine lees, nurturing its complexity and depth. Staying true to my philosophy of hands-on vineyard care but minimal intervention in the winery, this wine remained untouched by cold stabilization, was left unfined, lightly filtered, and untouched by oak to preserve its delicate aromas. Natural sediments may appear, bearing witness to the quality of this exceptional wine. It embodies perfection in taste, naturally.

Tasting Notes+

This wine exudes vibrancy and aromatics, unleashing a symphony of stone fruit notes with a nuanced lemon peel finish. Pear flavours gracefully cascade across the palate, complemented by a harmonious acidity that leads to an elegant, fresh, and concentrated finale. Its luxurious creamy texture adds to the overall allure. 

Technical Data+
Variety 100% Arneis
Rootstock 3309
Vine Planted 2004
Soil Shallow (<45cm) well drained sandy, gravelly soil, developed from stony alluvium.
Plant Density 5,500 vines / ha
Yield 3t/ha
Alcohol 13% 
Residual Sugar 1.17g/l
Ageing Potential 7 years
Bottles Produced 1,240 
Food Matching Suggestions+

Versatile and universally complementary, this wine pairs seamlessly with a diverse array of savoury dishes. It makes for an excellent aperitif and complements antipasto spreads flawlessly. Additionally, it's a splendid companion to a variety of seafood dishes.

Industry Reviews+

The Real Review – 94 points

“Rich, unctuous Arneis with intense apple, pear, ginger and citrus flavours supported by a thread of bright acidity. A fresh, high-energy wine with a crisp, dry and lingering finish.” Bob Campbell