Herzog Wine Knife
Herzog Wine Knife

Herzog Wine Knife

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Let nothing keep you from your favourite bottle ever again!

Open that special bottle of wine in flawless fashion with our high quality pocket wine knife. Featuring an ergonomic metal body for easy grip, this wine knife is perfectly designed for both left and right-handed people. Featuring a hinged cutting blade for removing foil, a nickel-plated double lever with bottle opener for efortless cork removal and a refractable Teflon-coated corkscrew suitable natural and synthetic corks. Never struggle to open a wine again. Herzog branded on the body.  

How to Use+

Cut the foil/wax cap out with the fold out blade. Insert the corkscrew straight, into the center of the wine cork and screw until only only two threads remain. Place the top lever on the bottle edge and lift handle to the maximum. Reposition the bottle lever on the edge of the bottle and smoothly lift the cork until it comes out with a pop!

Product Details +

Crafted by Pulltap's- creators of the classic Corkscrew Bottle Opener

Size: 120 mm x 20 mm x 13 mm

Weight: 75 grams

Colour: Black and Gold