All for the love of wine

For the love of wine, Hans Herzog changed 500 years of winegrowing lineage in Switzerland to pursue his dream to find the perfect terroir to make truly outstanding wines able to stand amongst the world’s best. 

Unfettered by commercial considerations Hans adopts an experimentalist stance, producing highly acclaimed, age worthy wines rich in in varietal character. True to the adage: quality over quantity.

A force of experience in winemaking and viticulture, the varietal specialist is one of the country’s most respected winemakers and his famed wines have stolen hearts all over the world. 

For the love of wine, Therese Herzog has left her Michelin star rated restaurant, friends and family behind to recreate a heaven for wine and food lovers in Marlborough. A means of giving others the chance to experience Hans Herzog wines - complex, structured, committed food wines - the way there were intended; sharing among friends, with fine food, in beautiful surroundings.

The estate has become a culinary destination with it's iconic Gourmet Restaurant, casual Bistro, stylish Cellar Door, Wine Tour offering and Vineyard Cottage to let you taste a little of the pure passion behind Herzog wines.

"Be seduced, transported, delighted"
- Viva