Discover one of Hans' Secret : Maria Thun's Calendar !

Our family has long followed the tradition of growing grapes according to what was then called the ‘farm calendar’, planning tasks based on the moon's constellation. This method, once simply considered a natural way of farming. Today, it's recognized as part of the biodynamic culture, but for us, it has always been a seamless blend of nature's rhythms and agricultural wisdom. This connection to the lunar cycles was just how farming was done, ensuring healthy crops and a harmonious relationship with the land.

Maria Thun (1922-2012), a pioneering German farmer and researcher, left an indelible mark on biodynamic agriculture. Born in the town of Marburg, Germany, Thun's upbringing on a farm intertwined her life with the rhythms of nature and instilled in her a deep connection to the land. She was profoundly influenced by Rudolf Steiner’s philosophy, which championed the idea of farms as self-sustaining ecosystems.

In 1963, Thun introduced the world to her groundbreaking creation: the Biodynamic Sowing and Planting Calendar. This innovative calendar offered farmers and gardeners a celestial roadmap, guiding them on the optimal times for sowing, planting, and harvesting based on the cycles of the moon and planets. What began as a local guide quickly became a global phenomenon, revolutionizing sustainable farming practices worldwide.

Thun's extensive research underscored the profound impact of celestial conditions on plant growth. Her keen observations and scientific rigor led to insights that bridged the gap between ancient agricultural wisdom and modern science. Through her numerous books, she shared her knowledge with the world, providing a treasure trove of information that continues to inspire and educate.

Her remarkable contributions to agriculture earned her numerous awards and accolades, but more importantly, they ignited a passion for sustainable farming in countless individuals. Thun's legacy lives on, as her calendar and teachings continue to guide and influence farming practices around the globe. Her life's work stands as a testament to the power of harmonizing with nature and the cosmos, fostering a deeper understanding of the intricate dance between the earth and the heavens.

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