For all domestic orders: 

Please note our minimum order is 3 bottles and set in multiples of 3, which can be mixed. This is to optimize shipping costs and avoid breakages. 

Please allow 3-5 days for delivery. 

We also offer overnight shipments (recommended in summer months),

Please note that Rural deliveries can take up to 24 hours longer, so allow a little bit more time.

For orders to Waiheke, there is an additional freight charge of $32 per case. This charge is not taken at point of order, we will contact you post order for this charge. 

For all International orders: 

International shipments are physically delivered in either a 6 or 12 bottle case. 

Shipping of Magnums

We are able to ship magnums both domestically and internationally.

Magnums are shipped domestically, separately in exclusive Herzog wooden cases and are not included in cases. Separate shipping rates apply. 

For International orders please note that a magnum will take the space of 3 750ml bottles. For example, if ordering a case of 12 with 2 magnums you will have space for 6 more bottles. 

We can ship Jeroboams (3L) worldwide but you will have to pay a 12 bottle case price for each bottle (overseas only) and Methuselah (6L) to New Zealand Customers only. 

Domestic Shipping

NZ Freight

Two Day Delivery 

North & South Island

Overnight Delivery 

North & South Island

Marlborough, Nelson & Christchurch


3-6 bottles $16.00 $26.00 $13.00
12 bottles $19.00 $33.00 $15.00
Magnum (1.5L) $13.00 $23.00 $12.00
Jeroboam (3L) $16.00 $26.00 $13.00
Methuselah (6L) $19.00 $33.00 $15.00 

Please note the above freight prices do not include our collections. 

International Shipping


6 Bottles

12 Bottles 


Approx Delivery Time


$157 $214 5-10 days
China* $462 n/a 3 weeks


$377 $524 2 weeks
Hong Kong $222 $327 2 weeks
Japan $288 $443 7-10 days
Korea*** $307 n/a 7-10 days
Singapore $362 $565 7-10 days
UK  $306 $429 2 weeks
USA $262 $349 2-4 weeks
USA (Hawaii/Alaska) $357 $444 2 weeks




A maximum of 1 x 6 case is the total amount of wine that can be purchased by one individual against their individual ID number. More than 1 x 6 bottle case can be purchased if delivery occurs across different dates. Or by providing additional ID numbers. Once you have processed your order online our team will contact you to retrieve your ID number. Please be aware that your maximum purchase limit for shipment is $400 and (via Cross Border Clearance) is 20,000 RMB per year. If you exceed this we will require additional ID no's. Make sure you provide a valid mobile number to ensure that the order progresses well. Our delivery partner in China may call recipients to verify the clearance if asked by China Customs. 

**Europe: please note we can only ship to Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, The Netherlands and UK. 15% OF WINE VALUE IS ADDED ON TOP OF FREIGHT FOR UNITED KINGDOM AND EUROPEAN COUNTRIES FOR DUTIES & TAXES

***Korea: please note a maximum order of 6 bottles.

If you have any further request or need any help processing your order, please email 

Thank you, and we hope that you will enjoy the wines back home as much as we enjoyed crafting them!