Sustainability and Packaging

Here at Herzog, we use organic and partly biodynamic practices to create wines that are a pleasure to drink without causing harm to the environment. Hans and Therese see themselves only ever as steward of this beautiful piece of land in Marlborough, pursuing a holistic approach to wine farming. For us, quality and sustainability are more important than just profits and whatever we do, we consider its impact on society and the environment. We try to reduce the carbon footprint using sustainable materials. Our bottles are produced in New Zealand from recycled glass. We greatly appreciate your understanding regarding capsules. Our different varieties of wines may be inconsistently bottled as we are trying to find a better solution, e.g., PVC instead of the non-biodegradable tin. However, looking at the different results we will phase out capsules eventually as they bring no benefit to the quality of wine but harm the environment. No compromise can be made with boxes, where we use heavy grade, highest quality cardboard as we want to make sure the wine is transported as safely as possible.