Wine Alchemist. Vineyard Artisan. Vinicultural Luminary of the Southern Hemisphere.

'Therese... the force behind my dreams, whose unwavering support and sacrifice paved the way for my success. A vibrant and charismatic host with an insatiable passion for wine and people alike. A dynamic and innovative entrepreneur who fearlessly built our artisan empire from the ground up, first in Switzerland and now here in New Zealand, with resounding triumph. Always radiating positivity and embracing life with boundless enthusiasm. A compassionate soul who fills my life with love and completeness. More than 40 years together and still the love of my life' With all my heart, Hans

Wine Craftswoman. Hospitality Heroine. Enterprise Empress. Wine Mistress.

'Hans… the universe conspired to help me find you who stole my heart at 22, embarking on a journey of adventure together ever since. You are the epitome of hard work, gentleness, and humility. Your unwavering passion for crafting extraordinary wines fuels your tireless dedication in the vineyard. A steward of the land, you cherish every inch of soil, nurturing it with boundless love and care. As an artist and purist, you breathe life into wine, driven by an unwavering pursuit of excellence. Your intuition, talent, and wealth of experience are unmatched. The pillar of strength in my life..' Yours, the vineyard muse