There is a slice of wine heaven known as Hans Herzog Estate...

Hans Herzog Estate stands out as the epitome of excellence and authenticity in the Marlborough wine region. It's a place where every detail is meticulously crafted to provide an unparalleled wine experience.

Here's what sets us apart:

 A Symphony of Beauty: Our estate is graced by the enchanting presence of wildflowers that bloom amidst our organic vineyard. The picturesque landscape, coupled with the classic beauty of our winery, conjures visions of Burgundy. At Hans Herzog Estate, you won't find tanks outside; instead, you'll discover the beauty of aging barrels housed in a stunning barrel hall.

In the Heart of Marlborough: Situated on the banks of the Wairau River, Hans Herzog Estate is a must-visit destination for wine lovers. It offers a unique slice of wine heaven, showcasing the region's natural beauty and our rich winemaking heritage.

Passion for Perfection: Therese and Hans Herzog's passion for crafting exceptional wines knows no bounds. Their commitment to quality has led to the creation of highly sought-after small batch wines that have captured the hearts of wine enthusiasts and sommeliers worldwide. The estate's dedication to producing the finest wines is unwavering, with Hans Herzog even altering 500 years of winegrowing tradition to find the perfect terroir for his wines.

The Art of Experimentation: Unencumbered by commercial constraints, the Herzog’s cultivate an eclectic array of grape varieties exclusively from their 'grand cru' single vineyard, truly unique in the world. Highly acclaimed wines, rich in varietal character reflecting the coveted terroir. While their quality is unmatched, they are produced in limited quantities. However, our Cellar Door shop proudly holds the complete collection, including limited releases and library wines.

Hans Herzog Estate is more than just a winery; it is an unforgettable wine journey. We invite you to experience the
magic of our estate and explore the world of exceptional wines, organic vineyards, and breathtaking landscapes.

Our Cellar Door Shop is open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm for wine sales.

Book online to explore our educational and inspiring wine experiences and join us on a journey from vine to wine, led by our passionate team. Please understand, that our small wine team is hard at work crafting exceptional wines in vineyard and winery, and we can only accommodate a limited number of walk-in wine lovers.



Beautiful setting. Knowledgeable staff. One can tell Mr Herzog is passionate and trying to do some unusual and exciting things. A great garden in courtyard presenting mini vines and interesting information about each grape type.


Wonderful wines, varied and unique for the region. They seem to be pushing the envelope on what can be planted successfully here, and doing it incredibly well. Pure craftsmanship.


Delicious food, perfect wine matching, outstanding service in a devine setting.

Will definitely be back. Thank you!


One of the best wines I ever had! The passion behind is incredible!

Lovely people, super wine, super food! 10 stars!