Welcome to the enchanting World of Hans Herzog Estate

The absolute pinnacle of excellence and authenticity in Marlborough's wine landscape. Immerse yourself in unparalleled private wine experiences, expertly guided by our passionate team, revealing the meticulous artistry from vine to wine that defines our storied winemaking legacy.

Ensure your place on an extraordinary wine adventure by securing your spot online, as our unwavering commitment to crafting exceptional wines necessitates reservations for a truly engaging experience.

Nestled along the Wairau River, our estate is a Symphony of Beauty – a captivating ode where wildflowers bloom in our organic vineyard, Mediterranean gardens grace beautiful white weatherboard buildings, and breathtaking views span across a sea of vineyards to picturesque mountains on the horizon, creating a sensory masterpiece.

Therese and Hans Herzog's unwavering commitment to quality has birthed highly sought-after small batch handcrafted wines, captivating wine enthusiasts globally. Breaking away from 500 years of winegrowing tradition, they have sought the perfect climate and terroir to create wines of unparalleled quality. Unstrained by commercial norms, we proudly cultivate the largest and most diverse array of eclectic grape varieties in one single 'grand cru' vineyard, where each bottle is a testament to our legacy.

We are excited to share our passion for wine with you!



Beautiful setting. Knowledgeable staff. One can tell Mr Herzog is passionate and trying to do some unusual and exciting things. A great garden in courtyard presenting mini vines and interesting information about each grape type.


Wonderful wines, varied and unique for the region. They seem to be pushing the envelope on what can be planted successfully here, and doing it incredibly well. Pure craftsmanship.


Delicious food, perfect wine matching, outstanding service in a devine setting.

Will definitely be back. Thank you!


One of the best wines I ever had! The passion behind is incredible!

Lovely people, super wine, super food! 10 stars!