Doing our bit for our planet...

With this hot topic we like to reach out and create awareness. We love and respect our prized land which has been farmed for the last 100 years. Seeing ourselves only ever as passing stewards of this very special place we call home, we make every effort to leave this place healthy and untainted. Organics and making wines naturally is not a marketing tool but a way of life.

Our integrity doesn’t stop with our wines. We care about the wider land, our planet and about our people and feel obliged to share some of the concerns which affect all of us.

The bees knees…

Vines need no bees for pollination, but our beekeeper carefully selected our organic vineyard next to the river reserve, as it offers the ultimate spot, not only for nurturing our vines, but for raising queen bees. For us, “organic” is not a marketing tool but a way to live your lives and our contribution for a healthy environment. Farming without pesticides helps against the 40% decrease in bird- and bee population triggered by the loss of biodiversity, destruction of habitat and lack of forage due to monocultures and harmful sprays. The loss of these creatures would have a deep effect on the Earth’s plant life - animals pollinate nearly 90 percent of the world’s plants and at least 75 percent of food crop. If we can help we love to.

The pictures below showcase our beekeepers tending to the bees on our organic vineyard, with an appearance from the queen bee herself (third picture).

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