Finding Meaning in Life

Have you ever pondered the age-old question "what is the meaning of life?" A question that resonates with many of us, sparking introspection and contemplation about our purpose and existence.

In our quest for the meaning of life, we often find ourselves at crossroads, pondering our purpose and desires. In my own journey, one pivotal moment came when I traded my corporate life for the unknown, leaving behind security, success, and a comfortable salary to take over a struggling restaurant in the 90s. This decision was not about pursuing culinary excellence, but a strategic move tied to acquiring farm buildings as temporary solution for our growing wine estate. As part of the deal, I had to take on the restaurant, as subleasing was not permitted. Sacrificing my career was necessary, as managing both the restaurant and working the vineyards was impossible for my husband Hans. Despite the challenges, this leap of faith taught me invaluable lessons about resilience, humankind, and the pursuit of excellence amidst uncertainty. Along the way, through perseverance and dedication, I was fortunate enough to receive the honour of being awarded a coveted Michelin star, a humbling recognition. 

Just as success seemed to be a comfortable companion in my life, another crossroad appeared. Hans harboured a dream of dedicating himself to our vineyard in New Zealand, compelling us to bid farewell to everything we had painstakingly built in Switzerland. It was a daunting prospect, relinquishing the familiarity of friends, family, and financial security for an uncertain future in a distant land. 

Yet, standing at that crossroad, I could not help but wonder if sticking to the familiar path would lead to a life of predictability. The allure of new challenges and the excitement of pursuing our dreams outweighed the fear of the unknown. It was a leap of faith, driven not by financial gain but by a thirst for authenticity and fulfilment. It is these moments of uncertainty that lead us to profound growth and discovery. 

Today, as I reflect on the twists and turns of my journey, I realize that true fulfilment is not found in external accolades or wealth, but in living a life aligned with our values and aspirations. It is about embracing the challenges and opportunities that come our way and finding meaning in the pursuit of our passions. 

I trust you had your own crossroad experiences that shaped your journey...

PS. photo New Zealand 2000, embarking on a new chapter in life.

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