Flowering - Chardonnay 2020


Flowering –

the vines progression from: bud-burst, flowering, fruit set, veraison through to harvest. Depending on specific vineyard temperatures, 40-80 days after bud-burst the process of flowering begins with small flower clusters appearing on the tips of the young shoots.

Grapevines require full sun to activate the flower blossoms. Without sufficient sunlight, the flower buds won't develop properly. For Marlborough, Chardonnay normally flowers around the end of November. It’s early this year by about two weeks! 

Vitis Vinifera grape vines are hermaphroditic, meaning they have both male stamens and female ovaries, being able to self-pollinate. During the process of fertilization, the pollen fertilizes the ovary which produces seeds as the flower begins the transformation into a grape berry, encapsulating the seed. Detrimental weather (e.g. very cold temperatures, frosts, strong winds & heavy rain fall) can severely affect the flowering process, causing many flowers not to be fertilized. A reduced fruit set means less or in severe cases, no crop.

For each grape variety, we ideally have a week of dry, sunny weather for an equal fruit set. Fingers crossed…

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  • Well you are never too old to learn things!! Didn’t know grapes needed male & female, amazing!

    Gail Killick

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