From the estate:


In the heart of Marlborough, where lush vineyards stretched as far as the eye could see, the season of vintage was upon the region. The vines were heavy with ripe grapes, ready for harvest. As the sun dipped below the rolling hills, casting a warm, golden glow over the vineyard, Hans and Therese strolled among their rows of vines, measuring the sugar content within the grapes to determine the perfect picking day.

Their loyal Rhodesian Ridgebacks, Samira and Shona, suddenly perked up, sniffing the air intently. Hans and Therese followed the dogs to the edge of the vineyard, where they witnessed something extraordinary. A magnificent white-tailed fallow deer with antlers emerged from the foliage, its silvery coat glistening in the fading light. The deer's regal presence struck them both with awe.

They had never seen such a deer in their vineyard or anywhere in the area, making the encounter even more mystical. The majestic animal seemed drawn to the vineyard, enchanted by the sweet scent of the ripe grapes. Hans and Therese watched, mesmerized, as the deer gracefully wandered through the rows, pausing to sniff the leaves and taste the fruit with delicate curiosity.

The Herzog’s marvelled at the deer's peaceful demeanour and beauty. As they gazed upon the graceful creature, it turned its head toward them, locking eyes in a moment of serene connection. The deer appeared curious but unafraid, as if it understood it was welcome in their vineyard.

The couple chose to leave the deer undisturbed, quietly returning to their home, yet they couldn't help but watch the creature from a distance. An hour later, they were astonished to see the deer venture closer to their house. It felt as though the deer had come to offer them a blessing—a special omen for their 30th anniversary and a promising sign for a spectacular vintage.

Indeed, the vineyard flourished that year, producing an exceptional harvest. Hans and Therese couldn't help but feel the deer's visit had brought them good fortune. As the vintage came to a close and the days grew shorter, the white-tailed fallow deer never returned, but its memory lingered in the hearts of the vignerons.

Hans and Therese treasured the unexpected beauty and magical encounter with the deer, finding it a reminder of the wonders of nature and the surprises it can bring. Though the deer moved on to other pastures, its presence left a lasting impact on the Herzog’s, serving as a beacon of hope and a symbol of nature's graceful touch on their lives.

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