Hans Herzog Vineyard Cottage

What’s happening on the estate during the nationwide lockdown?

Without our large brigade it comes down to our small wine team to host visitors to our estate but what better experience than us looking after you personally. We all have agreed to take over some hosting duties in addition to our job description and worked out exciting and exclusive wine, dine & stay packages. All individually arranged for you and totally private (and safe), available any time by appointment.

Imbibe in private wine tasting in the stylish Cellar Door which offers the most varied and exquisite range of the finest handcrafted organic single vineyard wines, paying tribute to the amazing terroir, climate, and Vigneron. If you are in for an even more sophisticated experience, we guide you on a private wine tour along the vineyard to the winery and tell you all about the stories behind our sought-after wines.

Hans’ are true food wines, they are ‘singing’ when enjoyed with food and whilst we all are improving our cooking skills we leave it to one of our former top chefs to cook exclusively for you. The venue we have chosen is our trendy Wine lounge because it is directly connected to the winery which allows guest to have their predinner drink in the beautiful barrel hall and may see Hans working away. It also features an open fireplace for cosy meals with heaps of ambience. During lunch time and if the weather allows, the sweeping veranda with views over the beautiful garden and vineyard is a wonderful choice. An extraordinary experience to enjoy a sumptuous 5-course menu, simple, elegant food based on the natural abundance of our region. To top it off, one of our small team, all true wine ambassadors, will match each course with one of Hans’ fine wines and be there for you to tell you the story behind it.

Just to have mentioned it, you may add a bottle from Hans & Therese’ private walk in wine cellar, a curated wine library, close to 500 of the world’s finest wines.

If you like the sound of this, you may want to stay a little bit longer. Our secluded vineyard cottage, stylish and highly individual, is the perfect place for wine lovers to relax, unwind and enjoy our estate. Explore our vineyard, walk along the neighbouring river with its untouched natural beauty or venture out into the sounds, or simply enjoy your own private little home away from home.

The perfect place for wine lovers to unwind and explore the top of the South! Click here to see our latest packages, book online or email us at enjoy@herzog.co.nz to put together your unique package and a wine experience you will never forget. 

You may never want to leave!

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