Herzog's iconic Restaurant - a story ending... For now...

Herzog Iconic Gourmet Restaurant

Update Dec 2022 - Our Restaurant and Bistro still remains closed. Please check out our exclusive wine experiences and vineyard cottage if you wish to visit our Estate.


Only a couple of years back I wrote into our guest book: “This restaurant is dedicated with love and gratitude for you to enjoy happy moments. I have created Herzog’s restaurant from a passion for great food and wine and the love for the finer things in life. By creating an ambience for you to relax and let your soul and spirit free. For animated discussions which make you laugh and sometimes cry... For going somewhere special with the one you love, sharing precious hours away from home, when there are often so few of them. For you, who look for some relaxing and culinary hours. Taking the time to appreciate a little bit of luxury, which may not be necessary, but makes life so much worth living.”

It’s soon two years of closed borders which forced us to close restaurant and bistro. Too long to retain a highly skilled team and too much of an effort to re-open what was a finely tuned but complex operation. It breaks my heart looking at the restaurant industry who struggles with financial losses, incredible labour shortages, much increased costs and having to deal with complex legal obligations and requirements to run the business. In such an environment I simply cannot tackle the huge task of a re-opening, on top of running a wine estate with already limited resources. So, for now, I’m going to let the restaurant sleep, like the beauty she is, shallow breathing, dormant. Of course, we never know if someone wakes her up, well rested, young all over again. As for me, it will remain the most remarkable 20 years’ experience of my life.

Wine lovers don’t despair – we put all our resources and waking hours into growing, nursing and making great wines and even created some careful curated private wine experiences. We love to spend more quality time with you to share our story from wine to vines.


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  • I really love how you say, “She is sleeping, like the beauty she is,” beautifully worded and so poignant. She will awaken when the time is right, well done.:)

    Linda Davies

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