New Releases - Spring 2021

It is always a good time of year when Hans releases a new wine. They have come from their slumber from maturing in bottle. Each vintage you can expect a wine with exceptional quality and varietal distinctiveness, which is why when we release a new vintage we know exactly what we are getting. Complexity, structure, balance – a seamless and perfectly integrated wine which demonstrates its heritage: single vineyard, alluvial soils, low yields and immensely concentrated ripe fruit. It is with this that we are proud to introduce our latest releases of Cuvée Thérèse Rosé Extra Brut, Viognier 2019, Pinot Noir 2016 and Montepulciano 2018.


Cuvée Thérèse Rosé Extra Brut 2016

80% Pinot Noir, 20% Chardonnay

Our highly anticipated Sparkling Rosé is finally released, just in time for the holiday season. Disgorged only in October, with 4.5 years maturation on fine lees. 

Hans' Comment:

'Preferring quality over high dosage, I prefer Champagne dry with less acidity yet from riper fruit delivering a fuller flavour and body. The top quality grapes used for the base wine were crushed and destemmed before a short cold maceration. Fermentation and aging on fine lees in French oak barriques for 10 months. Secondary fermentation including “tirage” and further ageing on lees, for a further 4.5 years riddling and disgorging, were carried out using traditional French Champagne methods.'

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Viognier 2019

Our staff pick! This much loved variety displays weight and texture, creating a voluptuous, full bodied-wine. 2019 was a particularly outstanding vintage, the wonderfully warm growing season gave us healthy, flavourful berries with outstanding ripeness. 

Hans' Comment:

'I left the destemmed and crushed berries on the skins for an extended time to extract the superb flavours. Then gently pressed and transferred in 500 litre French oak puncheons for a natural (wild yeast) fermentation until there was no sugar left. Its fine lees has been regularly stirred during the first six months, assisting to its remarkable silkiness, complexity and depth. The wine had 18 month in the barrel and 10 month in the bottle to mature and flourish to a nectar of great enjoyment. No cold stabilization. Unfined and only lightly filtrated to retain the amazing aromas.'

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Pinot Noir 2016

Our widely acclaimed Pinot Noir, Hans' most worked with variety, spanning over 50 years with 25 right from the Estate. Every year you can count on each vintage to produce what Hans does best, elegant, balanced and powerful wines. Portraying an outstanding version of Burgundy's best varietal.  

Hans' Comment:

'Prolonged cold soak for a slow, soft extraction of colour and flavours from the grape skins. The must then went naturally through a wild fermentation for a true expression of the grape variety and its terroir, as it is not influenced by added yeast. In total, the must was left 24 days on the skins before being pressed and transferred into French Allier barriques (40% new) for the natural malolactic fermentation. The young wine was matured for a long 20 months in the same barrels making it a contender for a long life. Unfined & unfiltered to retain the great flavours.'

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Montepulciano 2018

The Italian Powerhouse. Released in its youth this wine encapsulates what all wine lovers want: immense fruit flavour, tantalizing acidity, rounded tannins and a lingering finish. The beauty of this wine is its capability to age. Enjoy now for a robust experience, or wait a few years to enjoy a more richer, luscious palate. 

Hans' Comment:

'Perfectly healthy, destemmed grapes allowed for a long cold soak to extract the superb flavours and beneficial antioxidants of the skins. The must progressed through a long cool wild yeast fermentation and extended post maceration. After gentle pressing, I transferred the young wine into French Barriques (20% new) for it’s natural malolactic fermentation. The minimal oxygen exchange over a long 30 months of maturation on the fine lees softened and smoothed tannin and acidity without too much wood tannin extraction. The wine and wood married together to form a richer, more complex and textured wine, able to age for many years in the bottle. No fining. No filtration. Minimum effective SO2. Natural goodness.'

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