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A glimpse in our present pursuits and warm invitation to join our harvest team 2024!

Welcome to our wine wonderland, where grape aficionados of the globe unite to uncover the magic of artisan fine wine! Amidst the peak of summer, Therese and her squad of wine wizards invite you on a wild ride, offering tantalizing tastings and fabulous tours that breathe life into our nickname, 'Chateau La Tour' 😉

At the heart of the wine revelry stands the maestro himself - Hans Herzog. Alongside his enthusiastic assistant Cyril and a crew of casual helpers, they embark on a leaf-plucking odyssey, ensuring VIP treatment for the grapes, ensuring optimal air flow and just the right exposure to sunshine. With continuous warm, dry weather, the berries mature faster than you can say ‘cheers’, heralding the grand spectacle of veraison, our grape metamorphosis. The looming task? Netting the entire vineyard to defend against feathered grape enthusiasts.

Early Veraison of Zweigelt 24/01/2024

Early Veraison of Zweigelt 24/01/2024

Post-netting, our mission unfolds as we visit each of our 55,000 vines again for a unique grapevine "Slim Down Showdown or “green harvest". Envision our team, armed with secateurs, skilfully trimming away excess baggage from grape clusters. Why, you ask? To ensure our grapes are bursting with vibrant flavours and natural concentration.

As the anticipation of Vintage hums in the distance (around mid-March), we swing open the vineyard gates to welcome all wine enthusiasts! Immerse yourself in the lively action on our estate, where grape picking is not just a task, it is a captivating experience. Meticulously handpicked over select mornings each week, our small batches of intriguing grape varieties await your eager hands. Plan a trip and join us for some of these mornings in the vineyard, granting you a firsthand glimpse into this grape-studded adventure. Work alongside us to bring the magic of artisan fine wine to life. And what awaits you after a morning of grape escapades? A vintner's lunch orchestrated by the dynamic duo, Therese and Hans, a feast sure to please your taste buds.

Hans Herzog is a unique wine estate, a bustling community where passion meets precision. After all, crafting exceptional wine is an art that requires patience and dedication.

Elevate the anticipation for the impending harvest by treating yourself to our latest fine drops. Explore the artistry that defines Hans Herzog Estate. Cheers to the enchanting journey that awaits!

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