The Human Influence: Visionaries across Industries

Reading a newsletter from Vinous, Antonio Galloni's words resonated with me, as I too had a personal experience that mirrors his sentiment. Like Galloni, I had the privilege of engaging with the legendary Bartolo Mascarello, an encounter that left a profound impression. Galloni himself expressed this when he stated, "When it came time to decide on the Rare Wine Dinner for La Festa del Barolo in 2023, there was only one choice. Bartolo Mascarello was the first grower I met in Piedmont." This interaction with Mascarello reinforced the realisation that the wines we cherish are undeniably shaped by the artisans who craft them.

In various industries, the impact of human intervention is profound. Visionary individuals have transcended their fields, leaving a lasting mark and transforming entire industries. Their contributions remind us of the transformative power of human influence, inspiring us to strive for excellence in our own spheres.

Coco Chanel revolutionized the fashion industry with her unique vision, challenging conventions and introducing comfortable, elegant clothing that defied tradition. Her enduring influence is evident in timeless pieces like the little black dress and the iconic Chanel suit.

Ferran Adrià pushed the boundaries of gastronomy, transforming the culinary world through his leadership at elBulli. Employing scientific techniques and artistic presentation, he created innovative culinary experiences, inspiring chefs worldwide.

Steve Jobs, as the co-founder of Apple Inc., left an indelible mark on the tech industry. His visionary leadership and passion for design revolutionized communication, work, and media consumption through groundbreaking products like the iPhone, iPad, and MacBook.

In winemaking, a captivating blend of artistry, science, and passion converge to create an elixir that has delighted palates for centuries. While nature plays a crucial role, it is the skilful touch of human intervention, particularly through meticulous vineyard care, that elevates wine to extraordinary heights.

Crafting wine is akin to a symphony, where vignerons harmonise the natural elements with their expertise. By tapping into the hidden potential of each grape, passionate winegrowers like Hans Herzog demonstrate unwavering commitment and a deep understanding of their vineyards, resulting in wines that authentically capture the essence of their terroir.

Terroir, composed of soil, climate, and geography, imparts distinct characteristics to wine. However, it is the judicious choices made by viticulturists that shape these elements into remarkable products. It is the relentless pursuit of quality, demonstrated by vignerons like Hans, that unlocks the full potential of terroir, resulting in wines of elegance, complexity, and finesse.

While science provides valuable insights, winemaking surpasses formulas and lab analyses, embracing intuition, creativity, and a profound connection to the craft.

As we savour our favourite wines, let us raise our glasses to these visionaries, whose artistry and expertise allow us to experience the magic captured within a bottle of wine.

By Therese Herzog

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