Vineyard Talk - flowering is over and vintage 2021 is looking good...

Vintage 2021 starts with an amazing spring season. Lots of sunshine, warmth, and enough rain to greatly accelerate the growth.

Vines entering the flowering phase is a nerve-wracking period since the tiniest disruptions to barely-there flowers can mean a sad vintage. With an early budburst like this year comes the risk of frost. But cold, wet spring weather can also wreak havoc. Once self-pollinated, each flower gives way to a tiny, hard green berry the size of a small pea. Each green pea eventually ripens into the grapes we know and love, but a multitude of weather factors can disrupt this fragile process and taint an entire year’s work.

Flowering literally puts grapes on the bunches, determining just how many berries have a chance to survive the season and end up in a bottle and we think vintage 2021 has given all of our 26+ grape varieties a great start!

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