Vineyard Talk - Vintage 2022 drawing close...

We caught up with Hans on his thoughts on Vintage 2022 so far...

'The spring brought a fair share of rain and enough sunny and warm days that not only the vineyard but also the weeds exploded. Closed borders means we can’t bring in any qualified Viticulturists for our demanding multi-variety, close planted organic vineyard. There is just no workforce available, not even with ridiculous and uneconomical payment for unqualified helpers or contractors. Whilst I am used to work hard in my vineyard, the last two years have become exhausting. I can understand that many of my colleagues started to lease their vineyard out to the big commercial boys as cost and labour shortage make it hard to manage in an artisan way.

On the positive side, the grapes look fantastic. Unlike last year where our crop was 40% down, we had a full fruit set. The grapes are healthy, and most varieties are going already through veraison. The last spray and trimming of the vines will be done before we start netting the early ripening grape varieties on the 28 January. If there are no climatic calamities it indicates for another early vintage in Marlborough from around mid-March finishing with Montepulciano around Maria’s and my birthday on the 9 April 😉.

If you want to come and be a vigneron for a day and help picking our precious grapes on a certain morning, please do email Therese Its always an occasion finished off with a hearty lunch and a few fine bottles!'

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