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Hans Herzog Chardonnay

Our winery buzzes with anticipation as we reveal Hans' latest masterpieces. Allow us to present the fresh vintage launch of these exquisite varietals: the eloquent Pinot Noir 2018, the enchanting Pinot Gris 2019, and the graceful Chardonnay 2020. Freshly labeled and eagerly awaiting to be savored by passionate wine enthusiasts. 

Let us delve deeper into these tantalizing wines and their distinct stories.

Pinot Noir 2018 - A Symphony of Elegance

At a minuscule yield of 400g per vine, our hand-picked Pinot Noir rivals the standards set by grand cru Burgundy, where a maximum yield of 35 hl/ha (or 500g per plant) is prescribed. This remarkably low yield resulted in unparalleled, pure, and physiologically ripe grapes, brimming with astonishing flavour concentration from our 22-year-old vines.

Hans delicately destemmed the grapes, preserving 10% of the bunches intact. The exceptional fruit underwent a prolonged cold soak to gently extract the flavours and colour. Untouched by cultured yeast, additives, or enhancements, the wine underwent a long, cool wild fermentation, allowing the true character of the grape variety and terroir to shine through. After spending 24 days on the skins, the young wine was softly pressed and transferred into French Allier barriques (20% new) to undergo malolactic fermentation. Aged for 24 months in these barrels, this vintage exhibits the potential for a long and illustrious life. As always, it was bottled in our winery, unfined (vegan), and unfiltered, preserving the inherent integrity of this magnificent Pinot Noir.

Our tasting notes reveal a dark and opulent Pinot Noir, exuding intense and luscious aromas of dark fruit, violet, and warm spices. Its magnificent blend of allure and complexity showcases a deep and earthbound character. The sumptuous and silky structure is complemented by savoury acidity. In the style of Burgundy's greatest varietal, it epitomizes refined elegance, culminating in a generous finish that hints at its aging potential. A truly exceptional addition to any Burgundy lover's cellar.


Pinot Gris 2019 - A World Apart, a Noble Wine

Enter the realm of New Zealand's pioneering dry Pinot Gris and discover a wine that stands apart from the rest. In this new world, a true gem awaits.

The perfect growing season, coupled with our unwavering commitment to low yields, has birthed a wine of noble stature. Our 23-year-old vines have yielded healthy, flavourful berries with a delicate perfume, ripened to perfection.

Our approach to crafting this wine is meticulous. Each grape is hand-picked and destemmed, allowing for an extended skin maceration that extracts remarkable flavours and imparts a subtle pinkish hue. No cultured yeast or other adjustments are used, preserving the true terroir essence, the genuine spirit of the land. The must naturally progresses to a wild, cool fermentation, leaving no residual sugar behind. To enhance its silkiness, complexity, and depth, 20% of the wine matures in French oak puncheons for 18 months, regularly stirred with its fine lees. We forgo cold stabilization and fining, opting only for a gentle filtration that retains the elusive aromas. The result is a Pinot Gris of exceptional quality.

Our tasting notes transport you to a world of opulence. Apricots and peaches leap from the glass, enchanting your senses. As it caresses your palate, invigorating acidity takes the lead, accompanied by the wonderfully sweet fruit derived from perfect ripeness. The lees contact imparts a silky texture and adds layers of complexity. A beautiful, long, and uplifting finish characterizes this dry Pinot Gris, devoid of residual sugar. Its taste is perfection in its purest, most natural form.


Chardonnay 2020 - A Wine of Elegance and Enduring Beauty

As the progeny of Pinot Noir and Gouais Blanc, Chardonnay has become synonymous with the finest white Burgundies and is widely recognized as one of the world's most popular and extensively cultivated grape varieties.

In the vineyard, the relatively thin-skinned Chardonnay is susceptible to diseases, favouring the dry climate here in Marlborough. With careful vineyard site selection, moderate yields, balanced acidity, and skilled winemaking, Chardonnay produces thrilling, savoury, dry, and full-bodied wines that continue to evolve gracefully in the bottle for over a decade.

Chardonnay is flatteringly easy to enjoy with its broad, exuberant charms, relatively high alcohol, low acidity, and subtle aroma profile. Chardonnay is the epitome of elegance and a true winemaker’s wine as it flavours respond more to its winemaking technique than to the variety's intrinsic qualities.

A perfect wonderful sunny, long dry season led to an early vintage. Amidst a national lockdown, our small team meticulously handpicked perfectly healthy and flavourful berries, ripened to perfection on 24-year-old vines.

We destemmed and gently crushed the grapes, leaving 30% as whole berries, and subjected them to an extended cold maceration to extract exceptional flavours. The must was then gently pressed directly into used 500 litre French oak puncheons for a natural fermentation allowing no residual sugar to remain. Regular stirring of the fine lees contributed to its remarkable silkiness, complexity, and depth. With 18 months in the same barrels to mature and flourish, this Chardonnay will develop into something even more heavenly with bottle age. No cold stabilization was employed, and the wine is unfined (vegan) and only lightly filtered to preserve all its inherent goodness.

Our tasting notes reveal a delight for Burgundy lovers. This Chardonnay showcases elegance, purity, and refinement, accompanied by depth and a silky texture. Unveiling layers of flavours, from white peach to a subtle hint of lemon zest, this immensely concentrated wine is beautifully balanced by a finely tuned acidity that imbues it with vibrant energy, ensuring its longevity of at least a decade in a well-kept cellar. The long and concentrated dry finish boasts a lovely minerality. Naturally beautiful and ageless, this Chardonnay is a testament to the timeless allure of this remarkable grape.


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