Crafting Excellence with Care and Consciousness.

In the heart of the spring buzz, our beloved winery hums with the energy of transformation. While Hans meticulously tends to the flourishing vines in the vineyard, rainy days find us nestled in the winery, dedicated to the intricate processes that bring our handcrafted wines to life. Topping up barrels, bottling, and labeling our wines are just a few of the tasks that keep us bustling with purpose during this season of growth and renewal.

Amidst the bustling activity, some of our barrels are taking their time, patiently undergoing the secondary malolactic fermentation. Like raising children, each barrel has its own unique journey, progressing at its own unhurried pace. We believe in giving our wines the time they need to mature and evolve gracefully, ensuring that each bottle embodies the fullest expression of our vineyard's character and finesse.

Speaking of labeling, you might have noticed a recent change that echoes our commitment to sustainability. Prioritizing the environment over aesthetics, we have bid farewell to the non-biodegradable tin capsules, embracing a more eco-conscious approach that leaves our bottles bare, save for the timeless elegance of our classic label. As passionate advocates for organic practices both in the vineyard and winery, it was imperative for us to extend this ethos to every aspect of our craft, including our bottle presentation. Our belief is that every sip of our meticulously crafted wines should be an indulgence that doesn't compromise the well-being of our planet.

To further minimize our carbon footprint, we have adopted sustainable materials for our packaging. Our bottles, proudly produced in New Zealand from recycled glass, epitomize our dedication to fostering a more environmentally responsible approach within the wine industry. Each step, from vineyard to bottle, is a testament to our enduring commitment to both exceptional taste and sustainable practices.

With every bottle, we invite you to join us in our mission to cherish the earth and its bounties, sip by sip, while savoring the exquisite flavors that define the essence of Hans Herzog Estate.

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