Herzog History

The culmination of many years of dedicated and painstaking work in vineyard and winery manifests itself in our small production, hand-crafted wines.

It started in 1630... 
Hans’ ancestor Heinrich Herzog wears a ring bearing the Herzog crest when he presses it into wax, sealing an agreement to purchase a hillside vineyard towering over Switzerland’s Rhine Valley. The Herzog’s have lived in this region for generations. First mentioned in the church almanac of 1482, they are farmers, tending their animals and modest vineyards clustered around the villages of Thal and Rheineck in one of the most beautiful parts of the country. Growing vines, even then flows deep in the blood of Hans Herzog.

Hans was born on the same land, fell in love with Therese and together established their own vineyard and winery further down the Rhine river in the Zurich wine country.

From humble beginnings in the couple's garage, they became one of the foremost estates in the country. Therese, a committed epicure, ended her marketing career in 1992 to open a restaurant on the estate. She is a naturally vivacious host and people were soon queuing up to experience the combination of fine food, impeccable service, ambience and of course Hans' wines- serious, handcrafted wines for food. The restaurant won high praise and a prestigious Michelin Star.

Despite their success in Switzerland, Hans still sought the ideal place to produce great Bordeaux grapes and other varieties not possible to grow in the challenging Swiss climate. In pursuit of his dream to find the ideal land to grow the wines he loved, his search led him to New Zealand.

He found the perfect conditions in Marlborough and bought a precious plot of land, originally been an apple orchard, in 1994. He planted the first vines in 1996 and the winery was built in 1998, right in time for the first vintage to commence.

Once again, Hans Herzog Estate became one of the foremost artisan wineries in the world, producing a variety of handcrafted wines exporting internationally to the most highly esteemed restaurants. 

Therese too did not hold back. Eager for a new challenge, she opened "Herzog's restaurant" in March 2000 - recreating the resounding success of her Michelin starred Swiss restaurant. The restaurant gave guests the chance to experience Herzog wines as they should be- complex and structured yet delicate - the way there are intended: shared among friends, with fine food, in the relaxing surroundings of a roaring fire or sunny veranda.

Since 2020, with the borders closed, sadly so did the restaurant and bistro.  Hans and Therese, now with a small team dedicate their time on their first love - wine. You can still taste the pure passion in their wines or private wine & dine experiences or their lovely one and only Vineyard Cottage.

The boutique family winery is now widely acclaimed as one of the most admired and loved estates in New Zealand. Hans and Therese are still very much in love with each other...

"His methods are traditional, old-fashioned and representative of pure committed craftsmanship."
- Malcolm Gluck's Brave New World