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Arneis 2019

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Arneis, the prized white grape of Piedmont, celebrated alongside Barolo and Barbaresco, is a sensory delight. Its pear-infused palate, creamy texture, and rich concentration provide a luscious experience. A refined acidity adds an uplifting touch to the finish.

Vintage 2019+

Arneis, the primary white grape variety of Piedmont in North-West Italy, renowned for its association with Barolo and Barbaresco (Nebbiolo), thrives best in the Roero area along the left bank of the Tanaro River. Here, soils rich in gravel and sand impart exceptional minerality to the wines. It's no surprise that our Arneis has garnered enthusiasts worldwide, as it flourishes on similarly mineral-rich soils next to the Wairau River. Hand-picked at low yield levels, with less than 1kg per vine, our Arneis achieves heightened complexity and flavour. A flawless growing season, coupled with our commitment to low yields, resulted in perfect, healthy berries with a delicate perfume, ripened to perfection.

Hans' Winemaking Comments+

I initiated a brief cold soak (cold maceration) to extract the essence of the skins before allowing the must to undergo its natural (wild yeast) fermentation. Throughout the process, I diligently stirred the fine lees, contributing to the wine's complexity and depth. Staying true to my hands-on approach in the vineyard and hands-off philosophy in the winery, this wine avoided cold stabilization, remained unfined, underwent only light filtration, and was left unoaked to preserve its delicate aromas. Any natural sediments that may appear serve as testimony to the high quality of this wine. Perfect in taste, naturally.

Tasting Notes+

Unapologetically full-bodied and complex, this vibrant Arneis doesn't hold back. It captivates with typical aromas of pear and almond, showcasing its varietal character. Balanced acidity adds elegance to its concentrated profile, while a beautiful creamy texture envelops the palate. Impressively, it culminates in a long finish, a remarkable feat for a white wine without barrel aging. If you appreciate primary fruit aromas and delicate fragrance, we recommend savouring this wine in its youth to fully experience its vibrant character.

Technical Data+


100% Arneis



Vine Planted



Shallow (<45cm) well drained sandy, gravelly soil, developed from stony alluvium.

Plant Density

5,500 vines / ha





Ageing Potential

7 years

Bottles Produced


Food Matching Suggestions+

A versatile wine that pairs well with a wide range of savoury dishes. It's an excellent choice as a pre-dinner drink or served alongside Antipasto. Complements seafood dishes beautifully.