Hans Herzog Marlborough Mistral, Viognier, Marsanne, Roussannne

Mistral 2016 - Library Wine

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Introducing our prized Library Wine - Mistral, an exquisite blend of Viognier, Marsanne, and Roussanne, meticulously aged to perfection. Delight in the harmonious fusion of floral aromas, luscious stone fruit flavors, and a subtle hint of honeyed richness. Elevate your wine journey with the nuanced elegance and refined complexity of this exclusive aged blend.

60% Viognier, 20% Marsanne, 20% Roussanne

This “Frenchie” is grown on the hottest block of pure gravel and sand at an extremely low yield. A blockbuster with ‘off-the-charts’ aromas of apricot, exotic fruit and lemon verbena that will age beautifully, but given its flamboyance we predict you will have enjoyed it long before then. Great depth and richness enchanted by aromas reminiscent of a hot summer walk through a Mediterranean herb garden. The creamy mouth filling texture is followed by a long lasting and spicy finish. Heaven!

Vintage 2016+

The chilly “Mistral” blows during the warm parts of the growing season in the French Rhone valley, the native home of these powerful and aromatic grapes varieties. It is  cooling down the vines, helping the grapes to retain acidity through the hot summers. The grape prefers warmer environments and a long growing season but don’t do well with heat. What the Mistral is for the Rhone Valley, the cool nights are doing in Marlborough. These fickle, natural low yielding varieties love to sunbathe on one our hottest block in sandy/gravelly soils and able to cool down in the night. The ideal warm and long growing season of 2016 rewarded us with beautiful healthy grapes, picked at perfect physiological ripeness at an extremely low yield of 500g/vine.

Hans' Winemaking Comments+

Only such impeccable clean fruit benefits from a cold maceration (extended skin contact) to extract compounds from the fruit flesh, pulp, skins and seeds into the must for a fruit-forward and complex wine with increased aromatic and colour intensity. The must of the Marsanne and Roussanne then went through a long, cool wild yeast co-fermentation in a 500l puncheon followed by a natural malolactic fermentation. All three wines were blended after the natural fermentation to mature in two 500l French oak puncheons on its fine lees for 18 months. No fining and no filtering to maintain its purity and flavours. Vegan wine.

Original Tasting Notes+

A white powerhouse! The richness, structure, spice and great acidity of the Marsanne and Roussanne compliment the exuberant fruit intensity and roundness of the Viognier creating a full-bodied wine that is packed with apricots, white florals and Mediterranean herbs. This complex blend has a refreshing mineral backbone with the texture of silk. The magnificent depth and richness is followed by a long lasting smooth finish that keeps on giving.

Technical Data+
Variety     60% Viognier, 20% Marsanne, 20% Roussanne 
Rootstock 101-14, RG
Vines Planted Viognier, 1996, Marsanne & Roussanne, 2007
Soil Shallow (<45cm) well drained sandy and gravelly soil, developed from stony alluvium
Plant Density 5,500 vines/ha
Yield 2t/ha
Alcohol 14%
Residual Sugar <1g/L
Ageing Potential 14 years 
Food Matching Suggestion+

Well suited to rich seafood and fish dishes, Asian style pork, goat cheese and chicken.