Montepulciano 2014 Jeroboam, Hans Herzog

Montepulciano 2014 Jeroboam (3L)

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The perfect gift for any special occasion, such as weddings, birthdays, baby births, and special anniversaries. Ideal for larger gatherings to share with friends and family or at business events. Exclusively available in our wooden boxes for domestic customers.

Montepulciano, our iconic Italian Stallion exudes complexity and strength. Yields are kept extremely low to achieve perfect physiological ripeness for natural concentration, complexity and an impressive flavour profile that expresses the soul of Hans’ winegrowing. Real elegance, power, sumptuousness, immensity, and emotion is transmitted by tasting this nectar.

Vintage 2014+

Marlborough basked under blue skies throughout summer and experienced wonderfully warm weather after a cooler than average start. The long warm ripening season ended in a beautiful Indian summer. No cost and time was spare for our mighty Montepulciano. For an even ripeness throughout the bunches, we cut ‘the shoulders’ off after veraison. It is the last variety to pick late in April at extremely low yields of 500g per vine to achieve this essence.

Hans' Winemaking Comments+

The exquisite grape bunches underwent a delicate destemming process before being subjected to a cold soak. This method, aimed at enriching the wine's dark hue and flavours, was followed by a natural wild fermentation lasting approximately three weeks, coupled with a week of skin maceration. Subsequently, the wine underwent gentle pressing and was transferred to French oak barriques and puncheons, with 30% being new, for a maturation period of 24 months on its fine lees. Finally, the wine was bottled without fining or filtration, ensuring the preservation of its captivating aromas.

Tasting Notes

A true Italian Stallion! A heady nose with aromas of juicy blackberries, savoury red plums enveloped by velvety dark chocolate with a hint of cedar. A vibrant, complex powerhouse of intense ripe fruit. Seductive and elegant with a sensuous lingering finish.

Technical Data +
Variety 100% Montepulciano
Alcohol 14% vol
Residual Sugar <1g/L
Ageing Potential 15+ years 
Food Matching Suggestions+

All our wines are dry and never over extracted. Sommeliers love them for their ability to easily match with many different foods. Such a powerful wine loves of course hearty dishes but is as lovely to sip and relax at the end of the day - working wonders as a natural sleeping pill...