Nebbiolo 2016

Nebbiolo 2016

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If not now, then when? Immerse yourself in the allure of one of the world's most sought-after grape varieties, Nebbiolo, as our exceptional rendition, stands on par with the finest Barolos or Barbaresco’s. Revered as the elixir of dreams, Nebbiolo embodies the essence of a truly exceptional wine. Exuding a captivating balance and poise, it dazzles with heady aromas of violet, rose, ripe red berries, and a captivating array of spices. On the palate, relish the sensation of polished tannins enveloping succulent red cherry, raspberry compote, hints of liquorice, and wild herbs. Hailing from the celebrated wine region of Piedmont, this majestic varietal demands meticulous care, and no expenses are spared in nurturing this regal gem to absolute perfection. Prepare to be enchanted by its immensely seductive allure.

Vintage 2016+

Hailing from the famous Piedmont region of Northern Italy, Nebbiolo is a grape of unparalleled pedigree. It's finicky, selective about terroir, and notorious for irregular fruiting, budding first and ripening last. Since 97, our quest for excellence led us to meticulously select budwood from the healthiest and strongest Nebbiolo vines with good fruit maturity to graft them onto old vines from another variety. Nurtured in warm, sandy, and gravelly soils, infused with fine silt and clay, our Nebbiolo emerges as a true rival to the esteemed Barbaresco and Barolo. In 2016, warm, dry weather gifted us a luxuriously long ripening season. No expense was spared in crafting this regal wine, handpicked from vines yielding a mere 400g per vine.

Hans' Winemaking Comments+

Following an extended cold soak to extract beneficial compounds from skin and seeds, a natural fermentation unfolded over a few weeks. Subsequent maceration post-fermentation gently coaxed out soft, sweet tannins, enhancing the wine's complexity. The wine matured for 36 month in seasoned French Barriques, softening and harmonizing tannins and acidity. With an additional four years of bottle aging in our barrel hall, this wine attains a quality akin to a 'Riserva,' boasting a total of seven years of aging. No fining. No filtration.

Tasting Notes+

This Nebbiolo is unrivalled, reminiscent of Piemonte with notes of wild herbs, red Morello cherries, prunes, anise, liquorice, and coffee. Silky, almost spicy tannins, sweet extracts, and a lively vibrant acidity combine for a velvety, seductive mouthfeel. A regal, pure, elegant, perfectly balanced wine destined for beautiful aging. Tasted: first on September 29th and then again on October 1st, 2023. Remarkably, this wine retained its exceptional taste and quality even when enjoyed two days after opening

Technical Data +


100% Nebbiolo


Riparia Gloire

Vine Planted



Shallow (<45cm) well drained, developed from stony alluvium. sand and gravel.

Planting Density

5,500 vine/ha




14% vol

Residual Sugar

none, <1g/L

Ageing Potential

15+ years 

Bottles Produced


Food Matching Suggestions+

That will beautifully complement your festive roast, or here in the Southern Hemisphere summer, we'll be firing up the grill for a succulent New Zealand lamb rump or a juicy ribeye steak. Therese couldn't stop raving about her pan-seared Canterbury duck breast, paired with gnocchi in a spicy tomato/herb sauce and fresh seasonal vegetables. She swore it was a truly heavenly combination. For a more laid-back dining experience, a delightful pasta dish pairs perfectly with the enchanting notes of our Nebbiolo, ensuring that every meal becomes an extraordinary and memorable experience.

Industry Reviews+

 "The Swiss couple make wonderful handmade reds and whites from an array of grapes, from Viognier to Nebbiolo. In fact, the barrel of Nebbiolo they make is like something from the best of Barolo. Unfortunately, they are tiny production."

James Suckling, October 2022 (Suckling is internationally regarded as one of the world's most influential wine critics.)