Pinot Noir 2002 - Library Wine

Pinot Noir 2002 - Library Wine

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Discover the allure of our meticulously aged Pinot Noir, a symphony of nuanced flavours and delicate aromas that embody the true essence of a distinguished Grand Cru. Immerse yourself in the ethereal fragrance and multi-layered complexity of a wine that has reached its pinnacle. Elevate your wine experience with our most rarest and exclusive Library Pinot Noir.

Vintage 2002+

Another wonderful growing season bringing in perfectly healthy finely balanced fruit.

Hans' Winemaking Comments+

The ideal long ripening period of the 2002 vintage produced a very elegant, ruby-coloured, and generously warm Pinot Noir that is already approachable. Juicy layers of sweet raspberries and spicy strawberries can be found throughout its satiny-textures personality. Medium bodied, with an outstanding depth of fruit, this is a lush wine with a ripe and long, supple finish. Selective hand picking at the beginning of April with the beautiful berries 5 minutes later processed in our winery.

Original Tasting Notes+

Huon Hooke in “The Sydney Morning Herald”:

“During the Wellington Pinot Noir conference in January, Marlborough winery Herzog was one of the most talked about new names. One rumour was that guest speaker Michel Bettane, widely regarded as France best taster and critic, said Herzog’s 2002 Pinot was the best he tasted in New Zealand. It took a while, but I finally got to taste it and I share Bettane’s enthusiasm. It is a fine, natural tasting Pinot, not deeply coloured but very complex, with the kind of length you rarely see in pinot on this side of the world.”

Technical Data+


100% Pinot Noir


Pommard clones UDC5; Dijon clones 114, 115, 667, 777; Swiss clone 10/5

Rootstock 3309 / SO4 / Riparia Gloire
Vine Planted 1996
Soil Shallow (<45 cm) well drained sandy and gravelly soil with clay-sand patches from stony alluvium.
Planting Density 5,550 vines/ha
Yield 2t/ha



Residual Sugar


Ageing Potential

20+ years

Food Matching Suggestions+

Pasta, Veal, Beef. Mature cheeses