Hans Herzog Estate - Marlborough Tempranillo

Tempranillo 2018

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Tempranillo, Spain’s noble grape makes for full-bodied and age worthy wines. Sweet dark fruits, think black cherries with a whiff of violet and rose unfold into a brooding, opulent but elegant palate. A highly complex and mouth-watering wine equal to a ‘Reserva’ quality (total of 3 years ageing). Great structure and a long, lush finish to enjoy for many years to come.

Vintage 2018+

A perfect long, dry growing season with extremely high sunshine hours ripened the low yield of this Spaniard to perfection. January recorded some of the hottest temperatures Marlborough has experienced and the Tempranillo was in its element. We handpicked incredible flavourful  and healthy grapes at full physiological ripeness from a low yield with natural concentration that expresses the soul of Hans’ winegrowing.  

Hans' Winemaking Comments+

'Beautiful bunches were with me a few minutes after picking to destem, leaving only the berries. Such high quality fruit allows for a long cold soak, extracting the beneficial compounds from skin and seeds of the healthy grapes. Letting the temperature rise, the must started naturally to ferment without any addition of cultured yeast embodying the terroir and a sense of place.  Fermentation was kept cool to allow for a long extraction time over weeks. After gentle pressing, the wine matured for a long 36 months in partly new French oak barriques. With additional bottle ageing at perfect temperature, this would equal to a ‘Reserva’ quality (total of 3 years ageing). No fining. No filtration. Purely natural.'

Tasting Notes+

Testament to the unparalleled quality of the grapes, the long barrel maturation took nothing of the fruit flavours away but intensified an alluring soft earthiness. Seductive maraschino cherries jump out of the glass. Sweet tannins make for an amazing silky texture and a refreshing acidity stretches throughout the long palate. Enormous concentration and depth with surprisingly uplifting fruit, alive and imposing. Dark cherries and berries, chocolate, violet, rose and lots of tantalising spices for a medley of flavours. A highly complex and rich wine with great structure and incredible balance peaks in a lingering finish. A truly regal wine to enjoy for many years.

Technical Data+
Variety     100% Tempranillo
Clones HR2C1 / HR3B2
Rootstock Riparia / Schwarzmann
Vine Planted
Soil  Shallow (<45 cm) well drained sandy and gravelly soil, developed from stony alluvium.
Planting Density   5,500 vines/ha
Yield  2t/ha
Alcohol 14%
Residual Sugar  <0.10 g/l
Total Acidity 6.3g/l
Ageing Potential 10+ years
Bottles Produced 1573
Food Matching Suggestions+

Paella of course… game, roasted meat comes to mind.