Vintage 2024

As the anticipation of Vintage hums in the distance (around mid-March), we swing open the vineyard gates to welcome all wine enthusiasts! Immerse yourself in the lively action on our estate, where grape picking is not just a task, it is a captivating experience. Meticulously handpicked over select mornings each week, our small batches of intriguing grape varieties await your eager hands. Plan a trip and join us for some of these mornings in the vineyard, granting you a firsthand glimpse into this grape-studded adventure. Work alongside us to bring the magic of artisan fine wine to life. And what awaits you after a morning of grape escapades? A vintner's lunch orchestrated by the dynamic duo, Therese and Hans, a feast sure to please your taste buds. 

Hans Herzog is a unique wine estate, a bustling community where passion meets precision. After all, crafting exceptional wine is an art that requires patience and dedication.

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