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Discover Hans Herzog Estate, an organic, artisan family wine estate with a rich winegrowing legacy dating back to the 16th century along the Rhine River in Switzerland. With a tradition of producing limited quantities of the finest wines from low yields for wine enthusiasts.

Our wines embody the pinnacle of quality, cultivated in one of the world's premier wine regions, Marlborough. Hans himself, intimately involved, transforms exceptional fruit from some of the most eclectic grape varieties into world-class handcrafted wines. Nurtured with care - from skin maceration, gentle pressing, and wild fermentation - our wines are free from fining (vegan), undergo at most a light filtration, and contain no residual sugar. Aged in premium French oak barriques or small stainless steel tanks, these handcrafted wines offer pure, vibrant flavours and are perfect for immediate enjoyment or for cellaring by the discerning collector.

Please note that our minimum order amount is 3 bottles (not including magnums), this can be mixed across our eclectic range of varieties.